Bio Safety Cabinet

Biological safety cabinets are used to give operator, environment and product protection when handling dangerous biological materials. It is important to differentiate between conventional unidirectional Air Flow( formerly called Laminar Air Flow or LaF) systems which give a particulate controlled atmosphere for critical operations and Microbiological Safety cabinets which give importance to Operator, Environment and Product Protection.

Selection of a Biological Safety Cabinet depends on the type of biologically hazardous materials handled inside the cabinet. Various international bodies recommend some biological risk classifications by taking in to account the pathogenic nature of biological materials and minimum requirements for guaranteeing protection to personnel, environment and materials during their manipulations.

DPAG, DHSS-GB(The Dangerous Pathogens Advisory Group-Department of Health and Social Security-Great Britain), CDC-USA(Centre for Diseases Control, United States of America) World Health Organization (WHO), NCI-USA(National Cancer Institute), NIH-USA(National Institute of Health) etc, are some of the major contributors to development of parameters to classify different pathogens.